Complex – Compound Sentences

No, No, I Hardly Ever Miss a Show is a project about the public, for public, as well as co-created by the public. The exhibition uncovers operating mechanisms of a gallery, and demonstrates the processes involved in the preparation and running of an exhibition. Bianka Rolando`s collage series suggests that the role of the public during an opening is entirely different than their role during the remaining days of a show. Rolando presents photographs of viewers at openings, standing with their backs turned to the works and commenting on them. It is not the exhibition that matters here, not the works on display.

 (Anna Tomczak)


Presented Bianka Rolando`s works show a gallery/museum space and the people present in it. The blurry images, covered by handmade drawings, are accompanied by comments overheard by the artist at various exhibition openings. The laconic statement concern the public, exhibition, and art. The out-of-focus quality of the images produces a sense of Déjà vu, because if you prick up your ears, you may hear statements similar or even identical with those heard before…

(Stanisław Welbel)

Complex – Compound Sentences (mixed media on paper) – Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw 2011.